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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 29, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking from overnight right now plane flying to die ohio erupt has been iraq who the high rack's loud off that train. early morning shooting on the campus of the temple university. what the school did to make sure student were safe. and bricks crashing to the ground, falling from a building in north philadelphia. good day, it is tuesday, march 29th, 2016. very busy overnight and early morning for us here a at fox 29. we will get to those top stories. >> 50 degrees not bad for spring in fully affect. we are he's taking down ice rink in penns landing. i know we have had what a few days of spring officially but to me, sue, that was a clear sign that the winter is now over. >> it is true, easter has already happened, you know, we're getting there, but, of
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course, just in time for that when we show you seven day forecast in a little bit you will see chillier temperatures. we have a few cloud around this morning. radar looking better then it it did 24 hours ago when we were showing you lots of rain but wind is still with us, we have had winds sustained, at the 21 miles an hour, gusting to 25. so, 50 degrees, doesn't feel like 50 degrees. and we will explain, we have got 36 in mount pocono. forty-eight in trenton. fifty here in philadelphia 48 at atlantic city. wildwood. to start your day. this is what it feels like. the it feels chillier then it actually is. our wind chills are in the the 30's this morning. so 21 miles an hour wind, 20 miles an hour, 18, you can still hear the wind outside like we did all day yesterday and wind gusts, look at this, 49 miles an hour wind gust in mount pocono. very windy up there. we have a 35 miles an hour gust in atlantic city, this hour. so, plan on some sunshine today but especially early in
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the the day. it will still be windy. it is not until later on that things calm down a little bit. yesterday we had 70 degrees. today we will manage 55. so it is a cooler and it feels cooler because of the wind, but at least, bob kelly, it is in the raining anymore. >> that is right, turn off spigot and lets getting. 4:02. all that win last night leaving down branches not so much trees but if it was trash collection day yesterday for you or you put your trash out last night that empty box could be down at the neighbor's front lawn. here's a live look at 422 where they are working between 23 and trooper. you can see cones down here until maybe five or 5:30 or so. coming in towards king of prussia be ready to hit the brakes there. otherwise, downtown kind of quiet, in problems or delays at the all working your way in to or out of downtown philadelphia. and 55 miles an hour on the major roadways. so we are off to a good start. still working up here in
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quakertown in the northeast extension, between quakertown and then that mid county interchange, lane restrictions until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. the there is one down tree just outside wilmington delaware rockland roadblocked, adams dam over to kirk road. we don't have report of the down trees but you will probably see branches along the way, again, trash can lids or debris from that wind that we dealt with last night and warrington county line road closed to the bridge over little neshaminy creek block for the next couple months with the construction project. and maybe some wind delays down at philly international the to start things out this morning but airport and mass transit looking good with no delays. the chris and lauren, back over to you. we start with breaking news out of egypt where a plane has been hijack. egypt airplane was hijacked flying from alexandria to cairo. you can see live pictures here where the plane landed, it was in cypress and on the tarmac
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there. we understand there four people, four foreigners and flight crew that remain on the the crew, active negotiations, apparently highjackers did let people off the train and you can see more people let off that train. >> eighty-one passengers were on this flight. egypt's aviation authority say hijacker has claim to have a explosive's belt on him. the only demand so far is that police vehicles just move away from that aircraft. as you can see in the shot we don't see any of the emergency vehicles in that immediate the shot right next to the airplane. the story is still developing. we will get more information and then pass it the to you. scary thing is they said that everything was well, they didn't have any independent case that there was any signs of stress in the air. >> but calmy walking off that plane in the live picture a very good sign. >> true. >> breaking news out of pennsauken, new jersey where a person has been hit getting a cross the road. >> investigators are trying to figure out what exactly
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happen. steve keeley with more on this. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, hit and killed. this is a hit and run and fatal one at that. 130 just reopened at the 3:00 this morning. the southbound lanes were shut down where this all happen right in front of the burger king restaurant here. chris, come back to me here. burger king restaurant opened until midnight and you can see that concrete median not even waste high for the average man and that lures residents on both sides of 130 because there are houses behind the strip of businesses here and a lot of people walk across, to the left, you can see one light, browning road a main road all the way to the the cooper river but next light, actually has a pedestrian walk bridge overpasses, but somebody out in the mid of the night likely doesn't want to walk two blocks down to walk two blocks back to get safely across 130 and maybe take a chance and cross. unfortunately a man did last night. you can see some markings in the road, the man was thrown here where this spray paint is
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where you see letter h here spray painted by police and then you see more spray paint in the left lane where impact is, close to where the concrete, median is i'm talking about, and that is how far the man's body was thrown. what police do tell us is that the car that hit him left the bumper behind. the bumper fell off, so a high impact accident like we always sianni hit and run, so they have not put out a public description yet, for the car, but the fact that they are not here any longer tells you may be they have some kind of an id on the make and model and may have an idea where it is right now. so nothing yet from pennsauken police or camden county prosecutor's office but we expect some news from them real soon because we would want to be able to help them to put out a description of the car now missing a front bumper and probably more damage to it. fatal hit and run here in pennsauken on route 130 just before midnight last night and again that burger king is opened until midnight and drive through at least is
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still opened so that would hint that the maybe employees here saw something or saw aftermath that this car did stop momentarily before taking off, chris and lauren. >> steve keeley live in pennsauken, thank you. a shooting near temple university's campus. this happened just after 1:00 this morning on the the 1200 block of west moreland and broad streets in west philadelphia a. police tell fox 29 that a 24 year-old man was shot twice, once in each leg and taken to temple hospital in stable condition. no arrest has been made at this time but the school did send out an alert to let students know. you mentioned that we had a very bus i night. more breaking news from overnight this happened on north broad or i should say broad street at the north philadelphia this time apartment of the building collapsed in the the 900 block of broad. you can see buildings, bricks are right the there on the walk. no injuries have been reported at this point. it looks like the building, has been some sort of a business but look at that ruble. parents and community members searching for answers last night at a local high
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school. >> members of the football team in the middle of the hazing investigation. dave kinchen live in berwyn with the details of this disturbing story, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi lauren and chris, good morning to you. parents, community members went to this meeting here at conestoga high school last night unlikely waking up, digesting everything that they heard. it was a pack house here in a meeting highlighting allegations of hazing involving members of the football team. we were told that the meeting was for the community, so our cameras were not allowed inside. the incident discussed what was reported last october when d.a. tom hogan said at the time three seniors held down a 14 year-old freshman in the locker room and then sexually assaulted him with the the broom stick while he refused team hazing. in the wake of the investigation the head coach john vogan resigned and they released entire varsity and jv staff saying there was not enough supervision in the locker room. some who attended the meeting told us what people inside had
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to say. >> i think most of it was in support of the players, you know, because not everybody was involved in the hazing. i think a lot of support of the coaches, and there was talk about the administration, you know, rule in this that they didn't do a good job and, you know, creating policies and procedures for the coach toes follow. >> i'm a graduate from here so i definitely have my feelings about everything and i still work in the community. for me it is just all about lets get to the bottom line and hopefully lets see how things all shake out and everything will be fine. >> reporter: some say is there more to the incident that has gone unreported by school officials but, of course, many people told us around the time the meeting ended that they don't believe any of this took place. they don't believe any of the allegations, at all. so of course this is still unfolding back to you all. >> dave kinchen we will see what happens here. also happening this morning, prek school for
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children with autism and developmental challenges finally opens its doors in philadelphia. >> budget impact delayed the start of spin for more than seven months. hundreds are expect, at the ribbon cutting ceremony on dunks ferry in northeast philadelphia a at 10:00 o'clock this morning among those planning to attend state law maker, city, and school leaders and they are saying the program is in fact helping. dramatic video caught on surveillance in east germantown. a man armed with the rifle starts shooting at another man, this happened last thursday. the victim was hit four times and remains in critical condition this morning. police say he has been unable to tell them exactly what happened but police do know he was targeted. that is scary. >> it is like a war zone walking around with the assault rifle. philadelphia a mother and new born son resting easier, after a interesting delivery. maggie clark's water broke yesterday two weeks before her due date. clark thought she could make it to the hospital but the baby was ready to come w her
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mother's help, maggie gave birth in a north philadelphia gas station right in the passenger seat of her mother's kia. the two say a homeless man named short i stopped to help and talk to 911 dispatchers. >> they walk through, and to get the baby out and then they tied the string around the umbilical. i took my shoelace off and we tied off the umbilical cover. it was highlight of my life. i'm glad to help. that is what i do around here, i help everybody. >> clark name her son thomas jane, and said she can't wait to tell story of short i and shoelacees to him within day. lets get back to that break going news, in egypt where a plane has been hijack. egypt airplane was hijacked flying from alexandria, to cairo. plane landed in cypress, this is a live picture, you you can see here, we have some video, that was shot earlier.
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egypt air says everyone was allowed to get off the plane except the crew and for four foreigners. aviation third say hijacker is claimed to have a explosive belt on him. only demand so far are that the police vehicles stay away from that aircraft. >> interesting from this image coming in they kept those emergency vehicles away and let passengers off calmy. we will let you know how many passengers if all are off that plane coming up after a quick break.
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here's a look what is going on. the here's yesterday's storm system that had rain the at this time yesterday. that is moving away. high pressure is building in and we still have a pressure gradient that is kind of tight which means that the wind are still with us. now by the end of the day we think they will calm down a bit but high pressure will be our weather maker which means sunshine. look to the north of us we have got chilly temperatures and some snow up in northern new england but for us, we are going to watch the temperatures, because there is some chillier air moving in today. even though we are at 50 degrees right now there are temperatures in the 30's in pittsburgh, dayton, ohio, detroit, that is air mass that is moving n we will in the get much above 50 degrees as those chillier temperatures filth inner throughout the morning. forty-seven in wilmington. only 36 in mount pocono. forty-eight in dover. wildwood to start your day. but wind make it feel
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chillier. 21 miles an hour sustained in the city. 16 miles an hour in wilmington. 0 miles an hour in wildwood and wind gusts, are up to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia we had a peak wind gust yesterday in the 50 miles an hour range, 49 miles an hour mount pocono, very, very windy in the mountains. average high temperature is, 57 degrees, last week we spent a few days above average. over weekend we were at 60. yesterday we managed 70 degrees, but now that the cold front has come through we will only do 55 for a high today. sixty tomorrow. once we get in the 07's on thursday we will get rain rolling in the area late thursday into friday, and we will probably see some thunderstorms as well on friday with the cooler air moving in, behind those temperatures in the 70's. so, no fooling, we could have a thunderstorm. we have to work on that because bob kelly, we have a big party friday morning our birthday party. >> we do have a big party,
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coming up on 4:17 on this tuesday morning, here's a live look for the gang leaving the house in bucks county, southbound lanes of i-95 right here near route 413, they are moving the barrels over to the right side and open up the lanes but this early morning hour all of the late night crews are in the process of picking up and getting ready for morning rush hour. you'll feel wind coming over been think morning but no delays at the moment into philadelphia on any of the area bridges, crews are still working on 422, the stretch between king have of prussia, out toward route 23 out there in collegeville so keep that in mind until will 5:00 or 5:30 or so. looking good from wilmington. no problems on 95 or 495. we have left over crews on the northeast extension, by the quakertown interchange because quakertown all the way down toward lansdale and one down tree at least on the big board rockland roadblocked at adams dam. you will probably fine some
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tree branches as i did this morning pulling out of the driveway and getting to that major roadway if you put that trash last night that box you put on top of the trash can is probably down on the neighbor's lawn, lid are probably missing from the wind we had yesterday. so debris kind of tuesday out there. in warrington, county line roadblocked, this went into effect yesterday, the bridge over little will neshaminy creek, they have to do repairs, so some local detours and extra time needed rolling through warrington this morning. no problems at the moment at philly international and we are looking good on mass transit. chris and lauren, back to you. we're following that breaking news out of egypt where a plane has been hijacked, egypt airplane was flying from cairo. egypt air says everyone was allowed to get off the plane except crew and four foreign passengers. >> egypt's aviation authority say highjackers has claimed to have a explosives belt and official with the flight
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tracking web site said egypt air tonight that showed no distress while in the air, here's the thing, no group has claim responsibility for this hijacking, but there has been great unrest in that region especially in egypt. latest reports from local media suggest there is just one hijacker who was possibly motivated by personal reasons and maybe seek ago sigh lum but that has not been confirmed. so far police vehicles have been kept away from this airplane. let's hope for peaceful negotiations here. new charges for american airlines co pilot suspect of being drunk aboard the scheduled flight to philadelphia, prosecutors in detroit have charged 50 year-old john maguire with operating under the influence. he lived in pennsylvania, excuse me, authorities say that he was in the cockpit saturday morning just before the plane was set to take off for philadelphia. airport officials say he failed two sobriety tests and a breathalizer after they were tipped off by tsa officials. coming up on 4:20. prosecutors have filed charges in the case we first told but last week that said facebook
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on fire. all right. so paul cojocara is charged with aggravated assault. thirty lease in west deptford, new jersey says he is a guy pummeling teenage boy in the video, after video posted, several people came forward said he trained in mixed martial arts and he is free, on bail. maryland police office shore died in the line of duty this month is laid to rest in delaware county where he was raised. prince georges county detective j acai colson died in an ambush in a police station involving three men. officers returned fire, as police say friendly fire killed colson. the his family laid him to rest yesterday at lawncrest cemetery. that is in lynnwood. sky fox over an apartment fire in phoenixville. american red cross is now helping people burnout of their apartments. the fire broke out just after 2:00 in the 200 block of oregon street. fire fighters were able to get the fire under control in a half an hour. cats have been dying within a small neighborhood in
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south philadelphia, someone shot and killed one. this happened, in the 500 block of cantrel street. spca has put up a $1,000 reward leading to the the arrest and convictions of whoever is responsible. neighbors in the area say this latest death is one of 16 cats that have suspiciously died since september. they say almost a dozen other animals including possums and racoons have also died, if you have any information, call the pspca. 4:21. ville know of getting ready for the biggest weekend of their season, the final four, this morning jay wright the coach talks about what they have to overcome. and here are those winning lottery numbers for you.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. the flyers go into last night's game with eight games left on the schedule right now tied for final playoff spot. flyers begin playing a bad hockey team in winnipeg. you have to win these games. lets get to the wells fargo center. it looked good. they were up two to nothing. zach wheeler ties it the at two-two. they will go to overtime. fourteen seconds left, gostisbehere keeps it the to
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giroux, he scores, three-two, flyers win it, so for the flyers winning goal was important not to go into a shoot-out. >> i was pretty tired, and i tried to get back, with a two on two. so i was able to get at it and ghost had a break away. i was pretty tired. i could not make the pass. did he a good job recovering the puck. >> phillies winding down in florida lets go to florida. they start on monday. vincent velasquez, wins a fifth starter spot in the rotation. he got it. six innings, two hits, eight strike outs and darren ruf his fourth home run of the spring but phillies lose two -one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. only two wins stand between villanova wildcats and their second national title. preparations are already underway for their final four match up on saturday, with oklahoma. >> so they played oklahoma, pearl harbor classic, in december, and suffered their worse loss. that doesn't look too good. both teams are, you know,
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different at this point. the final four presents different challenges for the team. there are, of course, more distractions. >> nothing that can prepare you for this and after you go through it, you know, you realize, wow, you know, i should have have done some things differently. i hepp we have learned and we're doing things better. there is nothing like this week, nothing. >> speaking from experience. he led wildcats to the final four in 2009, they lost to the university of north carolina but went on to win the championship that year. >> if you are going to lose, lose to the winners, right. >> that was the best team in the country. >> game time this weekend villanova/oklahoma a kicks things off 6:09 in houston and then unc verse a surprising syracuse team in the second game. winners get to the national championship. >> so what if villanova/north carolina again seven years later. >> that would be good. >> sweet revenge.
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>> yes. >> all right. we are following several breaking news stories this morning, we will have more on the plane hijack nothing egypt. plus learning more about a deadly hit and run in pennsauken. we will have a live report. we have to celebrate the a birthday or sort of the anniversary. >> are you ready for this friday? no joke. it is april 1st. our 20th anniversary. they launched good day april fools day 20 years ago. come down and help us celebrate between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning. we will have a big kick off party to celebrate the month of april. and mike and alex will go live streaming for 20 straight hours starting on friday at 1:00 p.m. we will have a big announcement on friday as well to celebrate all of you, hoff been with us, a long the way.
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we are just moments on egypt airplane the plane has been hijack this morning we're now learning what the allege hijacker is requesting. also, investigators are working on a deadly hit and run in new jersey what officials say the victim is doing moments before dying. and bricks come crashing to the ground falling from the building, in north philadelphia, so another building collapse in our city. >> yeah. all right. salvation army, one from a couple years ago, deadly one
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at. that 4:30 is the time. 50 degrees. we are in the beginning of the spring lauren dawn johnson. >> that is right tuesday, march 29th, i'm still trying to come up with an april fools joke for you, i have until friday. >> oh, boy. >> i will try to make it good, sue serio. >> every day is like an april fools joke when an alarm clock goes off at 2:00 in the morning. >> is someone fooling me, sit really this early. yes, we're glad you are with us at 4:31 in the morning. i'm so glad to see our little time is back. we had a problem with that yesterday. so, reza shourd we will have have the time for you and accurate time as well. this is radar. we don't have spend too much time looking at that because real head line is the wind, and it is still with us this morning, maybe not quite as strong as yesterday but you can still hear it, can't you, outside your window. 50 degrees with 25 miles an hour wind gusts. sunrise at 6:49. there is some other
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temperatures. chilly up in the poconos mountains and really windy up there mount pocono with 36 degrees. forty-seven wrightstown. forty-eight atlantic city. 45 degrees in lancaster. forty-eight in dover. these are wind gustness other places, mount pocono with a 49-a the this hour, so it is really hold on to your a hat kind of weather. we have 35 miles an hour win gusts very windy on the boardwalk in a atlantic city. so plan on sunshine, and the wind, sticking around especially in the early part of the day, finally calming down, later on and we will get to a high of 55 degrees. just a little bit below average for this time of the year. we have had some warmer and chillier temperatures in our seven day forecast, little bit of the roller coaster ride coming up but that happens, a change of seasons. 4:32. here's bob kelly. >> good morning, 4:32 on a tuesday morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway, upper even, king of prussia, in problems at all this
4:33 am
morning, kind of quiet working your way in to downtown, no problems, no work crews, left over crew near montgomery, they have pick up, headed on home, a a live look at the freeway, coming in towards philadelphia through that construction zone there at bellmawr just watch for pattern shuffles and those temporary lines that sometimes they are tough to see in the early morning hours. 422 they are still working between trooper road and route 23, impacting you westbound leaving that king of prussia interchange heading out toward the outlets. now that we have sue and lauren's attention? outlets. premium outlets, out there. chris, you know what i'm talking about? 422 down to wilmington. no problems at all working your way up and down 495 or 59 and left over work crew here on the extension, right here near quakertown. the mass transit, airport looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. we are following breaking news out of egypt. we have an update there where a plane has been hijack, from
4:34 am
alexandria to cairo. egypt air says everyone was allowed to get off the plane except crew and four foreigners. >> egyptian government spokesperson says that the hijacker wanted to go to istanbull which is in turkey but was told by the captain he did not have enough fuel for that trip. the director of the alexandria a airport says that there were 26 foreigners on board including, eight americans, four britains, four dutch, two belgiums and a french national, also an italian, two greeks and one syrian. three other foreigners could not be identified at this point. >> we will continue to follow that story a and bring you update as we get it. breaking news in south jersey back here closer to home where a man was killed in the hit and run. >> this happened in pennsauken, new jersey where he tried to cross the highway. steve keeley is there with the latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, both people at fault here and sad to say that about somebody who was killed but this is what happens when you jaywalk on a highway and route 130 here is
4:35 am
considered the roosevelt boulevard of south jersey because it is most deadly stretch of highway in the state especially further north up in delran and cinnaminson area. but also, just as dangerous here in pennsauken. you can see that spray painted circle will with the marking in the middle. that is where they believed the impact happened. you can see that concrete median is just too luring for people who are going to go to one side, and come over here for the burger king which was opened at the time. it was opened until 11:00 for people to come, and opened until midnight with the drive through and we don't know for sure whether somebody was in the burger king but it looks that way. somebody trying to cross the neighborhood to the other side and then hit, the impact, throwing the man, all the way over here where we see this h painted here right the in the parking lot here on the sidewalk and that is what happened with the speed limit, of 50 miles an hour here on route 130. sad parties right up there the at the light the at browning
4:36 am
road is one of those push buttons for pedestrian if they want to cross 130 with the pedestrian crosswalk and it is at the next light one of those pedestrian walk bridge that is i tweeted a picture that we are putting on the air right now. that only took me three minutes to walk from this spot, up to that pedestrian walk bridge. it is only a minute walk to that traffic light and if you just spend that little bit of time it can make difference between life and death. as far as the striking vehicle we just don't have any information just yet from pennsauken police other than parts of it, fell off during the impact, including the front bumper or part of the bumper and then police have have not put out a description just yet and we are hoping to maybe find this vehicle will if it the is missing a front bumper likely easy to spot heading southbound toward ben franklin bridge. road reopened at 3:00 o'clock. this happened at 11:30 last night and so reopened after about three and a half hours, chris and lauren. >> so sad all the way around.
4:37 am
all right, steve keeley, thanks much. we are covering two breaking news stories a shooting near temple university campus send police on an alert. this happened just after 1:00 on the 1200 block of west moreland and broad street in north philadelphia. police tell fox 29 that a 24 year-old man was shot twice, once in each leg, he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition, no arrests have been made at this time. more breaking news happening on broad street in north philadelphia, this time parts of the building collapsed in the 100 block of broad. you can see in the video lots of bricks on the sidewalk. no injuries were reported. it looks like the building may have been some sort of a business. hazing scandal rocking one local high school who officials say is at the center of this investigation.
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parents and community members searching for answers last night at a local high school. >> members of the football team are in the middle of the hazing investigation. dave kinchen is live in berwyn with the details on this disturbing story, dave. >> reporter: disturbing to parents and community members who went to this meeting and they are likely waking up trying to process everything they heard at conestoga high school last night over allegations of hazing involving members of the football team. we were told it was for the community, so our cameras were not allowed inside. the incident discussed what is reported last october, d.a. tom hogan said at the time three seniors held down a 14 year-old freshman in the
4:41 am
locker room and sexually assaulted him with the broom stick when he refused team hazing in the wake of the investigation, the head coach john vog a an resigned and officials relieved entire varsity and jv staff saying there was not enough supervision inside the locker room. some who attended the meeting told us what people inside had to say. >> they are definitely looking at, not only the football program but the whole program in general of sports and making sure that we as a community and school district, watch over the kids. >> this should have happened before the coaches were fired. i think they were judged too early. i think if this meeting happened before it would have been really good for the community. but at least the board had the gut to have this meeting and that speaks well for the community. >> i think eventually you will see everything was false regarding the incident, i think it is a complete fabrication and hoax.
4:42 am
>> reporter: some people think school administration is withholding organization, others tells us they don't believe allegations at all, back to you. >> dave kinchen live for news berwyn, thank you. 4:42 is the time. temple is one step close tore getting a new football stadium. >> big move that may mean that this could definitely happen. we know people in the neighborhood are in the happy.
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coming up at 4:45 on your tuesday morning and things are
4:45 am
different then they were 24 hours ago when we had rain. well that system is way up to the northeast of us and high pressure is in the process of building in but we're still seeing some very gusty wind in the wake of that. but as this high pressure takes over a little bit more we will see the wind calming down a little bit, that pressure gradient we need wider and that way we won't be as windy. so we have no precipitation to show you really on ultimate doppler radar although way to the north of us, it is wintry because the temperatures are very cold up there, and as 43 in boston. fifty here. look at pittsburgh with only 38 degrees. it is just a degree above freezing in dayton, ohio. this is a chilly air mass building in during the day. we won't be getting whole lot warmer then 50 degrees we have right now with whole bunch of unshine. forty-eight in dover. forty-five in lancaster. very chilly 36 in mount pocono. factor in the wind which are 24 miles an hour in the
4:46 am
mountains, 21 miles an hour here, that is sustained wind, we have gusts of 49 miles an hour in mount pocono. very windy up there. wind are still around this morning. we will see things calm down eventually but we will be chillier then we have been. yesterday's high managed to get to 07 degrees, today, 55. fifty-five, 49, 59 tomorrow, and 70 on thursday, later on in the day. even though we will start off with sunshine we will end up with rain and that rain is still expect to linger into april fools day, mother nature playing a joke on us for our anniversary party on friday morning, so, we will still keep an eye on that situation but it does look like a chillier weekend and a very chilly day on monday when we don't get out of the 40's, but that typically happened in april where you get cold days and then it will warm up, bob kelly. >> yes, sand in our shoes before we know it. 4:46. live look at work crew is still out here on 422, working westbound from king of prussia
4:47 am
out towards route 23, valley forge road, hanging out towards college, leaving the king of prussia interchange, watch it, police are watching the speeds right there as we head past construction crews that are still out there maybe another half an hour or so. we will feel wind coming over bridge this is morning. you can see wind rocking a little bit here on the boulevard as you work your way down toward the schuylkill. schuylkill in the bad at all in problems or delays. watch out for tree branches that probably got income down in anything that was kind of laying up there loose in the trees from the wintertime, probably got income to the ground past a couple on the shoulder on the schuylkill coming in this morning, we will see the same on all major roadways, as you roll out of the driveway no problems on the freeway coming from south jersey and then later on today right after the rush hour penndot will be working southbound on i-95 right here near the stadium area working your way in to south philadelphia. there's where that work crew set up on 422 in the king of
4:48 am
prussia interchange. crews are wrapping it up on the northeast extension near quakertown. the mass transit, airport so far, so good, chris and lauren back over to you. we will follow breaking news out of egypt where plane has been hijack, and plane landed in cypress. this is just in, cypress president says that the plane hijacking is not related to terrorism. >> egypt air says everyone was allowed to get off the plane except the four crew and four foreigners. the director of the alexandria airport says there whether 26 on board including eight americans and four people from britain. >> okay, we will keep an eye on that. >> evident thely this hijacker may be seeking asylum so we will see that is why president of the cairo says it was not related to any sort of terrorism so we will see. >> that is good news. fbi has hacked in the ieven if of the one of the san bernardino terrorist and they did it without the help of the apple. fbi broke in the locked phone used by said farouk but they
4:49 am
are in the saying how they did it. it is not revealed whether they real veal and now that agents are in they are asking federal why to throw out order forcing april toll help fbi do just what it d apple sought order saying helping government hack in the phone would create a back door to all apple devices. apple has not yet commented on this lawsuit. a scare at u.s. capitol complex sends tourist scrambling, take a look, a man pulled out a gun, whole area went on lock down along with the white house. this happened yesterday afternoon. that man has been identified, as 66 year-old larry dawson, of tennessee. he was injured when a capitol police office are fired back. a woman was hurt. police have have in the said how. fortunately her injuries are not serious. the visitors and staff were told to shelter in place. the white house was briefly put on lock down but that was soon lifted. north carolina are sparking a controversy. >> because her belly is
4:50 am
growing. she's pregnant. emily watson is nine months pregnant she's both working out and training her clients. when she found out she was pregnant she decided to keep up her exercise routine. she got her doctor's blessing, her husband's support but some posts on social media are being met with some responses and criticism. >> you know, people are very supportive and on my side and then you get extreme others where people are pretty nasty and saying thing they shouldn't say when they do not know me. >> i cannot stay at home being lazy on the couch while she's working out and pushing herself. it is very great and very inspirational to women out there. >> watson says don't be fooled she has toned down her work outs before the baby and looking forward to the new challenge of soon being a mom. >> you just can't be laysy that gentlemen you heard from is her trainer, right next to her there. i got to tell you having watch my wife go through two
4:51 am
pregnant sees at nine months she could hard hi walk, the baby was even bigger then that but that is a lot of weight she's throwing up. >> she's squatting. >> that is not easy. >> another move toward building a new football stadium for temple in north philadelphia a of course, that is where the stadium would be in the university. university has hired two firms to design this would be stadium. according to the sports business journal the school has chosen, acom and the stadium is expect to cost 126 million-dollar to build and will seat 35,000 people. >> a new jersey could going green getting rid of bp a in the canned products. campbell's soup will stop using the chemical by middle of next year this will affect all of camden, new jersey's soups, gravy, and spaghettios canned products. it is in response to the concerns that the commonly used chemical known as bpa raises risk of cancer, brain
4:52 am
damage and harmonal problems. f.d.a. says that the bpa is safe at the current level used in soup. he is a producer, rapper and dancer and actor. new name diddy is an ad to go his resume next. >> does he need other one. >> p diddy, sean puffy combs, puffy, puff daddy.
4:53 am
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welcome back at 4:55 on this tuesday morning. lauren dawn johnson good morning to you. >> good morning to you. former super model and reality tv star,... . >> she was diagnosed early this month after her doctor found a lum in her right breast. non-evasive cancer was caught in the early stages and in the life threatening. the that is good news. but experts say it can increase likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer. the 51 year-old said she hopes to use her health issues to inspire others. as you know, dickinson made headlines when she accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago. listen to this, rapper, actor, entrepreneur, record producer, clothing designer sean diddy jobs is becoming the founder of a new york city charter school. >> yes he and capitol prep try school announced harlem charter school opened up in
4:56 am
august for the 2016/2017 school year. the star says creating it is a dream come true. >> he has sean john clothing line as well, right. >> yes. >> he does so much. >> rapper, actor entrepreneur, and founder of a school. what have you done. >> i have one job he has 18. no wonder he is 18 times richer than i am what is he worth, is he a billion air. >> i don't know. >> a lot of money. >> fox's hit tv show hit tv show empire returns march 30th. we will give you chance to watch premiere of the second half of the season with some fox 29 crew and some power 99 personalities. it is a viewing party at harrah's casino. >> head over to our web site at fox and make your rs vp you have until noon time today to make your reservations. race to go a local hospital but this baby just would not wait, a grandmother forced to deliver her grandchild in the front seat of a car, so those mystery man
4:57 am
just there in time.
4:58 am
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dmade with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce, and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. break news the alleged hijacker may have on him. and man gun down overnight near temple university what the school did to make sure student stayed safe. and speaking of student an important night for a local high school in the middle of a
5:00 am
hazing investigation, what officials are telling parents about this alleged scandallal. good day everyone, it is the 29th of march, 2016. so, growing up, the love of my life, el mcphearson the super model she grazed sports illustrated covers more than five times, she's now 52. >> yeah. >> really. >> she's aged beautifully. >> yes, she has. >> and sue serio. >> well, you know, that is debatable but we cannot do anything about aging. it will happen to all of us, eventually. we have age our number a little bit from yesterday. what do we have a four yesterday. today we're up to an eight out of ten, feeling optimistic just a couple cloud around overnight. the temperature is 49 degrees but feels chillier because of these wind. 20 miles an hour sustain wind gusting up to 29 miles an hour. sunrise 6:49. unlike yesterday we will see some sunshine to start the day.


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